Hong Kong with a 3 month old baby – Part 1

Having only got back into Sydney on Sunday and having to dive straight back into work the next day, I haven’t been able to post this until now 😦 I was also trying to fight off the dreaded man-flu I picked up on the last day of my holiday which made the plane ride back a very unpleasant one. Lucky for me I managed to fight it off and I should be as good as gold within the next day or so!

There’s a lot I want to share about travelling in Hong Kong with a 3 month old baby, so I will probably have to break this post down to about 2 or 3 parts.

HK Ergo Baby

Posing for a shot near Repulse Bay

Jayden was just a little over 12 weeks when we landed in Hong Kong. From the beginning till the end of the trip, it amazed me how much he had changed in the 10 days we spent overseas.

Getting around in Hong Kong is probably the biggest concern for any parent.

Hong Kong is very densely populated and there are stairs everywhere. Stairs to go up to shops and buildings and stairs to go down shops and the MTR (Hong Kong’s very very very very well run subway). Lots of people + lots of stairs = not the best place for a pram/stroller. So the best option is obviously a baby carrier… and as mentioned previously, the Ergo Baby is the only way to go 🙂

Jayden always found it comfortable in the Ergo Baby and it was so easy to navigate the tight streets and markets with Jayden in the carrier. It is quite humid and hot in Hong Kong at the moment though, so my advice is not to dress baby up too much if you intend to carry bub in a baby carrier as being chest to chest creates a fair bit of warmth and you don’t want to be overheating baby.

HK Thomas Optimus Stroller

Introducing Jayden to Thomas the Tank Engine and Optimus Prime for the very first time

I know I sort of suggested that a pram/stroller isn’t a good idea, but depending on where you go, it’s great! Some of the large shopping centres are quite spacious and have great parent rooms and lifts so navigating and going floor to floor with your pram/stroller wasn’t much of a hassle.

I would recommend a light-weight one though. Either a Combi or an umbrella stroller as there are times we had to get him out and switch to the baby carrier and   carrying this or wheeling it behind me wasn’t a bother due to it’s feather-light construction.

Onto other forms of transport… public transport!

We took Jayden with us on a bus (both in the Ergo Baby and in the pram).

HK Bus Pram

Back seat rebel!

All the double decker buses have a spot for a wheelchair or a pram, so you can park your pram in this spot and put the brakes on and you’ll be fine and dandy.

If by the off-chance that the area has been taken (which happened to us twice! apparently very rare though), then it’s good to know that the aisle leading to the back seat of the bus is wide enough for our Combi pram to get through and the back seat is spacious enough for us to park the pram in between the seats. Just pray that it isn’t peak hour as it gets super busy and people will squeeze into every last little nook and cranny available.

You can’t go to Hong Kong without experiencing their subway, the MTR! So Jayden got to ride his first train too. He’s been on a bus in Sydney, but never a train.


Chillin' in the subway.

The MTR uses a cashless system. All commuters have an Octopus Card which you load cash onto and it is not only used for the MTR, but also buses and a large amount of shops like 7 Eleven, Pharmacies, etc. So it’s sooooo convenient and makes fumbling for loose change a thing of the past. I only wish Sydney’s public transport would follow suit.

All the MTR stations are also super clean and they are all air-conditioned. You can see from the photo that the platforms look spotless, there are arrows which commuters actually seem to line up behind and there are also safety doors at all platforms so no man, woman or child can accidently (or purposely) fall onto the tracks. It’s so well thought out.

HK MTR Jayden Sucking Fingers

Jayden loved the train so much he was happily entertaining himself with his hands and fingers. First no fingers, then 1 finger and then eventually 2!

HK Taxi Baby

Kissing him because I felt so bad

The final form of public transportation (probably our most used actually) was the Hong Kong taxi!

It’s cheap and they are simply everywhere! The only issue was the safety factor. Without a child restraint we ended up being semi-bad parents and decided to buckle up with Jayden in the Ergo Baby (the seat belt fed between my body and his).

I should note that the taxi drivers in Hong Kong are nothing like the taxi drivers in Sydney. They are definitely better drivers and they seemed to take more care as they knew we had a baby with us. Look at me trying to justify my bad parenting 😛 sigh…

So with this in mind, I’m not sure what everyone else thinks about this, but after a few rides, although initially sceptical, I found myself being a little more likely to do it again if I had to. I can absolutely understand though if others choose not to as there is a risk factor there. And that’s fine because there is the MTR, buses and 2 other forms of public transport which we didn’t get a chance to experience with Jayden, the ferry, and the trams.

More to come… to be continued…


debut dad




3 thoughts on “Hong Kong with a 3 month old baby – Part 1

  1. We are heading to HK in a couple of weeks with a 12 week old girl and, SNAP, we just picked up the same (light) combi stroller for the reasons you cite here. I think ergo baby will be a must too based on this article. Thanks very much for this information.

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