The Spirit of Australia

I’ve been meaning to post this for a few days now, but I’ve learnt that travelling with a baby overseas makes blogging a tricky assignment.

Thursday last week was a glorious day. It’s hard to complain when you have so many reasons to be happy. Thursdays for most of us (myself included) would normally mean slogging away at work.
The weather in Sydney has been horrible. Torrential rain and high winds has made the commute to and from work an absolute drag. So if I had to complain about anything that morning it would have to be the horrendous Sydney traffic. The freeway to the airport was bumper to bumper and I was blessed with a taxi driver who used the brake pedal as a pseudo kick drum trying give me a pretty fast bass line… The back and forth movement of my head was enough to make me a little car sick, either that or I had found the only taxi in Sydney which doubled as a mosh pit.

Now onto the good stuff… You may have noticed that I mentioned the airport… That’s right, no work for me last Thursday! I was heading overseas for our very first family trip with Jayden! Hooray!

We arrived at the airport and the next bit of joy was the fact that we had secured a business class upgrade which we requested online, we also got a bassinet for Jayden. Finally putting those frequent flyer points to some good use and it worked out perfectly as Thursday was also our wedding anniversary! Celebrating in style!
We were then given an express pass to skip the queues at customs/immigration. I could get used to this treatment!

As we boarded the upper deck of the Qantas A380, our eyes lit up as we saw the size of the cabin and the mammoth seats and ample leg space inbetween rows… ooooooooo. The extra space is so handy as it allowed us to pass Jayden to each other with ease instead of having to summon our inner contortionists in order to get Jayden from my wife’s lap over to mine. The toilets were also larger which also meant the change tables were much larger too.

It’s hard to complain about anything, but I did find something to share with other parents… the A380 is notoriously quiet. During the flight, a normal Boeing 747/737 or Airbus A330 are all a lot louder. The ambient engine noise roars that little louder and so helps to drown out a baby’s cry that little bit more. The A380 however is very quiet in comparison and so if your baby does cry, it will be heard by more passengers. This aside though… we had a wonderful flight!
Jayden was surprisingly very well behaved and didn’t cry on take off or landing. We even managed to watch 1 movie and spent some time in the lounge (yes, there was an onboard lounge for us to walk around in to stretch our legs 🙂 bling bling!).

Here are some of the shots we took during the flight.
A380 Baby Take Off

Seat belt fastened, tray table up, seat upright, okay for take-off!

Qantas A380 Business Class Sky Bed Baby

Jayden enjoying the spacious sky beds in Qantas Business Class on the A380

Qantas A380 Business Class Sky Bed Baby

We even managed to give Jayden some tummy time with the extra space 😛

Qantas Bassinet Baby

Asleep in the bassinet... nice peep holes to allow us to ensure he's okay without having to get up.

Qantas Bassinet Baby

I decided to get up and check anyway as I'm always paranoid... yep he's sound asleep!

Qantas Business Class Entree Meal

While Jayden sleeps, I got to enjoy lunch... this was just the entrée! Mains to follow 🙂

Qantas Business Class Main Meal

I decided to have the lamb rack... mmmmm, it was delicious!

Qantas Sky Bed Controls

Whilst I didn't get any shots of the Sky Bed completely flat, I did get the control pad for the Sky Bed... as you can see it allows for full adjustment and it even had a built-in massage feature... pure bliss!

So all-in-all a brilliant flight was experienced and it made for a great start to our holiday on a Qantas A380… The Spirit of Australia!

Will have more to share about travelling with a baby soon!

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8 thoughts on “The Spirit of Australia

  1. Wow, what an amazing first experience flying with the little one! I was wondering if you guys were away since I hadn’t seen any posts for while. Glad the flight went so well!

    • Yes, one to remember that’s for sure! It’s been tough blogging, but will try for one more post soon at night.
      How’s little Max doing? Keep on swaddling 🙂

  2. Totes jealous! We traveled with our little one at 7 weeks n took the worst possible flight: united airlines from Mel to LA. We didn’t even have a proper bassinet. The one they gave us was basically a duffle bag to put by our feet (!!!!!!!!) in economy class that was enough to fit a baby n with ventilation. We ended up holding him in our arms for 13 hours.
    Wanted to take qantas but cheaped out. Luckily no more united air on our way back.

    You n family enjoy n safe travels 🙂

  3. What a cute little traveller! I love that you had a bassinet for him–I’ve never seen that before! I am still nervous about travelling with my kiddo but your post gives me a bit of courage 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂
      Yeh the bassinets are available on all the front bulk head row of seats in economy/coach and business class.
      Don’t let your kids stop you from travelling!! Go explore with your little kiddo!

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