Ergo Baby: the way forward

ERGO Baby Organic Baby Carrier - Navy Blue

looks very military standard issue here... maybe it should be.
i.e. standard issue, not military 😛

Out with the old and in with the new.

As mentioned in an earlier post (Mum’s Shopping Spree), we recently purchased a ERGO Baby Organic Baby Carrier based on reviews online and from word of mouth. The BabyBjorn was initially great and I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. The thing is though, our friends lent it to us and having never used a baby carrier before, I honestly thought it was a great little invention.

As Jayden grew week on week though we noticed the strain that it was causing to our backs after some of the longer shopping and grocery runs. So we bit the bullet and decided to buy one for ourselves and as an avid online shopper, I did my research to narrow down the options and we went to try the ERGO Baby Carrier at Toys R Us and it seemed like a really great design. The weight distribution was more around the hips and shoulders and far less on the back (if any).

We settled on the navy blue ERGO Baby Organic Baby Carrier and have used it many times since buying it. I love the little sunshade that it comes with which doubles as a blocker to the outside world once bub is asleep. The little pockets are also great for little things like car keys if you find yourself without any space in your pockets I guess.

Not only is this baby carrier extra comfy for you, but bub looks super comfy too! I also love the fact that it can be worn in 3 ways as opposed to just 1. Yep, 3 ways! Bub in the front like a traditional baby carrier, bub on your back like a backpack and finally bub on the side like a sling.

And just to prove how comfy and great the ERGO Baby Carrier is, I decided to showcase how I can exercise (not that I ever use any exercising equipment) with Jayden in the carrier.

debut dad exercising

So it ended up being quite the work out as I wasn't wearing very appropriate exercising gear (jeans and a button up shirt is a no-no)

Armed with this baby carrier and our newly acquired super light-weight Combi Well Comfort Stroller (2nd hand off eBay), we’re going to take Hong Kong by storm next week when we travel there for a friend’s a wedding.

Combi Well Comfort Lightweight Stroller Pram

Clockwise from top-left: configured in the lowest position for a newborn with the hood down; lowest position with the hood up; a little more upright; a little more upright with the hood down.
All in all, a very flexible pram/stroller and probably the most fully featured for it's weight (4.2kg or 9.26 lbs for you folk in the US 😛 hehe)

For those wondering, our main pram is the Bugaboo Cameleon which is great for around town in Sydney, but it’s a rather heavy pram and it’s a 2 piece set up, so it’s not the most ideal pram for travelling, especially if you’re going to be travelling to a country with a super high population density such as Hong Kong.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions about any of these products, I’d be happy to try and provide more detailed answers to specific questions based on my daddy experience 🙂

debut dad

P.S. Should hopefully get my 10,000th hit soon too! *happy dance*


17 thoughts on “Ergo Baby: the way forward

  1. We’ve been using the Ergo Baby for a couple of months now, and I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Kira is happy to fall asleep in it and when she’s not tired she’s happy to be carried in it and just look around. I’d recommend it to any new parents.

  2. I love the pictures in this post!!

    We are starting to contemplate using a carrier. We have a Moby but I think max might be a little too young for it to really be comfortable just yet. I am going to have to get something though to help me do some work around the house and the Ergo sounds pretty nice! I will check into it.

  3. It is funny that you would post about your baby carrier because I was thinking of doing the exact same. I need to go around in Paris but there are no elevators in the métro which is a pain if you are traveling by yourself so I was thinking of using my sling but I am worried about not being able to put her down anywhere if I need to. Anyway, I will write that post and see what other bloggers come up with !

    I love your orange stroller – it looks so trendy ! Mine is a nice big jogger stroller ! Love it as well !

  4. I absolutely agree with this post. A friend let me borrow her Baby Bjorn and it was great while my son was very small, but he’s six months now, and much bigger, and the Bjorn became such a strain on my back. The Ergo however, is fabulous! So supportive, and I think my son is much more comfortable in this one, as he slept in it for 3 hours at a Christmas party yesterday! Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  5. Hi, I have been using ergo and believe that its great for the baby. However whenever I use it, I get a really bad back pain n get too tired after baby wearing. I am just wondering if its only me who gets the pain or there are people who have had the same experience

    • Thanks for the comment.
      My wife has a bad back and she definitely prefers the Ergo over the Baby Bjorn. I guess for most, if you want to use a baby carrier, then it’s the lesser of two evils.
      Most people I talk to prefer the Ergo. Try tightening or loosening the bottom buckle to sit higher or lower on your waist and find a comfortable position. Generally though, I think the tighter you do it, the less strain on your back.
      Hope this helps!

      • Yeah will try to use it in different positions. We are travelling to Hong Kong this week with our 10 month old and plan to use only ergo. Do you think it is good idea to leave stroller behind???

  6. I think you should bring the stroller. Surprisingly we used the stroller quite a bit. it’s a handy place to put them to feed them as well. Just make sure it’s a one piece stroller as you won’t be able to check in strollers which come apart (like the Bugaboo Cameleon). Alternatively, buy one there 🙂 I found the prices of strollers to be so much cheaper in Hong Kong.
    Enjoy your trip!

    • Hi..Wish you and your family a very Happy New Year :). Yesterday I used ergo on a different position and bit tighter and it was less strenuous even after carrying the baby for continuous 4 hours..
      We’ll try to buy stroller from hongkong as.we are travelling with heavy luggage so dont think our hands will be free to push stroller

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