Fail Whale Daddy

Fail WhaleI’ve been such a reoccurring Fail Whale dad lately.

I’m normally quite on the ball, very sharp and always alert. My supernatural innate abilities (essentially my spider-sense and the like) have always kept me from making a fool out of myself (most of the time). Alas, my powers have disappeared. Like Samson, I cut my hair and my strength instantly vanished.

So far in the past few days I’ve:

  1. put a cloth diaper in the bin
  2. put my dirty laundry in the bin
  3. put the milk in the pantry (twice)
  4. put the cereal in the fridge (twice)
  5. started the dishwasher without any dish washing powder in it
  6. forgot to point Jayden’s little fireman down when I put on his diaper which resulted in an unnecessary wet patch
  7. left my laptop at home and didn’t realise till I got to the office after I sat through a whole lot of bumper to bumper traffic
  8. missed a 30cm birdie putt which would have reduced my handicap… I know I probably shouldn’t complain about this considering I actually got to play golf 😛
  9. repeatedly failed to prove I’m not a robot (see below) – I reckon I attempted certain ones about 20 times!
Please prove you are not a robot

Pet-peeve: I absolutely hate these prompts and they have to be the worst thing on the interwebs at the moment!

I wish I could blame all of this on the stupid Daylight Savings screwing with my routine and my mind… but some of this happened before Sunday so I’ll have to find another excuse 😦

I did get rid of a few massive spider webs in the garden over the weekend and would’ve killed a few spiders too, maybe it’s karma paying me back?

Anyone else having a disastrous few days? Any fail whales, males or females out there?

There is a silver lining though… at least Jayden still loves me! 🙂

Crying is for Babies (Other Babies)

Caption on shirt: Crying is for Babies (Other Babies)

debut dad


13 thoughts on “Fail Whale Daddy

  1. Hm…they all sound like things I’ve been doing for the past year – are you sure you’re not pregnant, Debut Dad? :p

  2. Reminds me of my post about absent-mindedness. I know exactly what you mean. I call it baby brain. I read somewhere that it has something to do with priorities. Your body is so tuned to anything baby related that the rest goes out the window. Add tiredness on top of this…I have been feeling crazy like that too…Jayden loves you and am sure you are doing the essential things the right way !

    • Oh yeh… it could be baby brain… my wife had plenty of that before Jayden was born and a little of it rubbed onto me as well. You’re probably right, I have baby brain again. woohoo!

  3. I have days like this often! Usually it is from a lack of sleep or from being too enamored with my little pudge monkey giggling at his breakfast to notice I left the milk out.
    Parenthood requires us to allow ourselves lots of grace. Only thing that matters is if you made him smile that day 😉 by the looks of it you are on point!

    • Grace… that’s something I lack (actually most guys probably do). Maybe those who have a tiny ounce of it make better dads? (hmmm there could be a scientific thesis in this for anyone brave enough to conduct the research – if only there was a specific way to measure “grace”)
      You left the milk out? stinky! I notice after that I put the milk in the pantry and then put it back into the fridge, it’s only about a 2 or 3 second delay. hehe

  4. Now you mention it I just had a disastrous morning with Miss M, where she threw up in the car on the way to childcare and I didn’t have anything with me to clean it up! We left our nappy bag at a friends house last weekend and had been so proud of myself for coping without it, until today!
    We all have our moments 🙂

    • Oh Becci! you were doing so well! 🙂 But then Murphy’s Law states that our bubs just have to throw up or do a number 3 just when we don’t want it to happen because we don’t have the nappy bag! argh!
      Hope the clean up wasn’t too messy!

  5. Happened to me today, because I stayed up too late watching Red Dawn. I got pur-Swayzed. Now I missed a diaper change and my oldest had a long nap which means late bed time. Darn you Patrick Swayze!

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