Bath time bubble bliss

I remember like it was only yesterday when bath time was a horrendous time of day for us.

Jayden hated being stripped down and dunked in water… but then again all of us probably would too if we were forced to do so against our will… Isn’t there a form of torture which has to do with dunking your body in water? Anyway, the constant battle of trying to gently splash some water on him and then into the bath tub and placing a warm towel over his chest is now over. Yippee!

Bath time should be fun! I remember growing up and loving bath time and playing with toys etc in the tub until I turned into a little prune 😛

Jayden has turned the corner and now officially loves bath time!

I especially love how we can now play with his hair and interact with him and the bubbles which he seems to love to surround himself with now.

Also, as we always have his bath half an hour or thereabouts before bed-time (7:00pm), it really helps to soothe him and go to sleep without very much resistance/crying at all.

There’s nothing quite like a warm bath! Ahhh pure bliss!

Jayden Bath Time

The many faces of bliss amongst bubbles


Jayden & Dad Bath

I even got to enjoy the bath with him... he looks so relaxed!

debut dad

P.S. I must rant about how much of a pain in the butt Daylight Savings is when you have a little baby on a great routine. The 1 hour adjustment is bloody annoying and even though we’ve slid everything back half an hour and another half an hour a few days later so that Jayden is now 1 hour behind on everything (so come Sunday he’s back to normal)… these past few days have been fairly difficult to put it politely.


11 thoughts on “Bath time bubble bliss

  1. Nearly one week later and we’re slowly getting fully adjusted to the one hour difference! Instead of going to bed at 8pm, we’ve had two days this week where she wouldn’t sleep before 9.30pm! But it seems she’s slowly falling back to her ‘old’ routine. So yes, like you, I hate it as well!!

    • it’s only been one day so far for us… so far so good… not sleeping through the night anymore though, but I will put that down to an “adjustment” period.

  2. I remember when Miss M used to hate the bath too – nightmare! It’s great when they start to enjoy it. We found that pouring water on her head also helped with her enjoyment of swimming 🙂
    PS – can’t believe you have been so organised with shifting the routine for Daylight savings. Didn’t even think of that! You are so good 🙂

    • Can’t wait to take him swimming… will try wetting his head a little more. At the moment we wash his little head first and then dry it. This way when he sits in the bathtub he has a dried head of hair and won’t catch a cold.
      My plan was good in theory… but it still requires some adjustment. The outcome wasn’t ideal, but it helped a little bit. Back to normal now… 7am wake up and 7pm sleepy time! 🙂


  4. Would love to bath with baby but we don’t have a tub at home! Crazy, eh?
    Just wanted to say that Sixtine has been really messed up with jet lag (France is 5 hours ahead), then getting sick with fever, and then daylight saving…She barely naps anymore and cries a lot more. My husband is far far away in Canada so it is been quite hard on me ! Anyways, nice pictures !

    • oh no… jet lag + a fever + daylight savings? that’s a triple dose of yuck. I hope Sixtine gets well soon! You’ll be fine! more strolls along the pretty streets of Paris with you bub and pram 🙂

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