Mom’s shopping spree

My dear wife came home the other day with a huge grin on her face and a rather large haul of shopping. She was proud of her purchases… and I was too.

No it wasn’t groceries and to my amazement, it wasn’t the latest Zara clothes or a few new pairs of shoes ­čśŤ It was a swag of new baby products! It was like an early Easter Show bag, but for parents! Thanks to┬áMumma Loves Bubba┬áfor the expert advice and great range too. Everything below was purchased from them.

The spree consisted of (clockwise from top-left):

  1. 2x Love to Swaddle Up 50/50 Transition Swaddles (Medium because Jayden is bulking up rather quickly and if he doesn’t watch out he may find himself on Biggest Loser: Babies. The little sleeves can be unzipped and removed to help with the shift to having 1 or 2 arms out of the swaddle which I think offers great flexibility)
  2. ERGO Baby Organic Baby Carrier (Navy Blue and we needed a more comfortable carrier than the BabyBjorn which did us proud early on but with Jayden and his fat rolls it is hell on our backs. All the reviews on this are great, I’ll add my own review and perspective soon.)
  3. ERGO Baby Teething Pads (much cheaper than an iPad! but still it’s an optional extra… sort of like buying a car really, yes we’ll have the sun-roof and floor mats too. Jayden will start teething soon enough)
  4. Close Pop-In Reusable Nappy (apparently this is the next big thing in reusable diapers… watch this space!)
  5. Rumparooz One Size Cloth Nappy (according to their site there’s a “poop scoop” at the back of the nappy… interesting)
  6. bitti tutto by itti bitti (I’ve heard so much about itti bitti and their products… time to give brand a go as well. Love their use of the “poo fence” in their diagrams and I love the design… Jayden will look like a little Fred Flintstone or maybe Bam Bam)
  7. Baby BeeHinds┬áMagic-Alls All-In-One┬á(I’m not sure about this one… looks more like something I would clean the bathroom with… it’s bright orange! Don’t know what went through her mind when she picked this colour)
Shopping Haul

The treasure trove! All in a days work. (Click to magnify)

So you’re probably wondering why we got 4 different cloth nappies (especially after my GroVia AIO post). Well my wife decided that 12 cloth nappies really didn’t cut it, we needed more, Jayden was going through them quicker than we could wash them. So because we needed more, seems my wife is running her own twisted kind of tender process to see which brand is the┬ámost worthy┬ámost suitable one for Jayden and his little bottom. I still think the GroVia’s are great, but the decision to trial some of the others is purely out of curiosity than┬ádissatisfaction.

I’ll share more about these cloth nappies another time. What I will say now though is that every cloth diaper website I visit seems to be completely plastered sprinkled with various awards and trophies of their achievements in current and previous years. I don’t even know what half of the awards mean. I guess it’s sort of like the hundred different medals which are awarded to wines to help make the packaging look better on the shelf. Maybe? Maybe not? Food for thought.

debut dad


6 thoughts on “Mom’s shopping spree

  1. Have to say that we use many different nappies and each have their advantages. Close Parent’s are amazing, especially for younger babies – so I think you’ll love them! They hold in everything!!! Rumparooz are also brilliant – the poop scoop thing is that internal gusset that helps to hold everything in. Itti Tutto’s also have one that they call the poo fence -love the print you have!!! I prefer their sized nappies but the Tutto’s are very good. Never tried a Baby Beehinds so it’ll be interesting to see what you think!

  2. I’d love to hear your feedback on the different diapers! When (if) I have a bub, I’m definitely interested in using reusables.. But I too am baffled by all the awards! Surely there can’t be THAT many nappy contests every year?? Really?

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