Girls night out… boys night in…

My wife’s friends organised to go out for a catch up and dinner at a nice restaurant last night. It was her first night out without Jayden and I.

I miss seeing her getting all made up for a girls night out and it was great to see her slip on a pair of heels again after not having done so for many months with the pregnancy and all. I love  a woman in heels, especially my wife!

With mom out on the town, Jayden was left with daddy to survive the night… and survive I did! HA! TAKE THAT HUGGIES! For those haven’t seen the new Huggies Campaign being run in the USA, watch this and you’ll know why I am so aggravated by it… IMHO, it depicts dads as very incompetent people 😦 We’re better than that Huggies… give us a break!
(Please excuse the quality of the video as I recorded it from my iPhone and then added a tagline which sums up how I feel about it.)

Ok. Vent over.

So my night was great. Jayden was well behaved, very playful and we had some good fun (he slept very well too which meant I got to play the PS3 a little which was good as it has just been gathering dust lately :P).

Here are some pics from the night, he’s growing up really quickly. Hard to think that it was only 2 months ago when he entered the world.

Jayden Toes

Jayden's little toes are easily the cutest and my favourite part of him at the moment. I love the way he curls them out and stretches them so far apart.

Jayden Concentrating

Love his gaze and his fingers in this shot

Mature Jayden

I think he looks quite mature here. Doesn't quite look like he's only 8 weeks old.


debut dad



12 thoughts on “Girls night out… boys night in…

  1. oh that Huggies ad…. I didnt even get it the first time I saw it… I had to read a summary on another blog to fully understand their point. The Huggies commercial makes me like that Luvs “blow out contest” commercial (which I hate) more than this one…

    • I get their point… “If Huggies can survive with only a daddy looking after bub, then it can survive anything”
      I just don’t quite agree with how they are using the perceived idiocy of some men as their conduit to get the message across in this campaign.
      I’ll need to check out this “blow out contest” ad on youtube later.

  2. He is so cute! He does look a little older as well like a big boy sitting up all on his own on the sofa ready to have a conversation with you.

  3. oh the blow-out contest add… I have to turn the channel. Makes me scream inside “i’ve never had a blow out in cloth!!” … men are not imbeciles, but I wish my husband were as willing to put the babies to bed- well done, dad!!

  4. one other thought- I’m shocked that the breastfeeding lactivists aren’t outraged by the huggies add as well!

  5. Hey man just wanted to say I totally agree with you. The first time I seen the commercial I went on a huge FB rant. Obviously, you can see Huggies pulled the ad. Not only did they do that but the replaced every link on the net with the new one.
    Personally, I will never buy another Huggies product and I will tell everyone what I think. Anyway thanks for the rant space.

  6. Your little one is so cute! Also, love the sticking up for dads. My husband is fantastic with our son and I really do think the world should give a little more credit to dads 🙂

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