Party = nom nom nom cake

One of the traditional milestones in my family is the 1 month celebration of a newborn.

It allows both sides of the family to get together and celebrate the birth of the newborn after the “Confinement” period is over and mom and bub are both allowed out of the house.

Due to other commitments though, we ended up having the celebration party last weekend (when Jayden was actually 6 weeks old).Β It was a great chance to catch up with family and friends after being isolated for so long. Jayden was a very lucky boy as he got his very first cake made for him as well as some lucky red packets (we’ve started a little saving account for him in his name which he’ll hopefully appreciate one day).

I love cake, especially cake made with lots of love which this one obviously was!

Jayden Cake

Jayden's amazing cake & lolly bags!

My uncle brought along his super duper Canon DSLR to take some snaps of Jayden (which was a welcome change to my crappy iPhone camera). I’m really glad he did as it makes a huge difference to the quality and control of the photo. Here are some others from the day.

Debut Dad and Son

Eskimo kisses!

Jayden Cuteness

Probably my favourite shot from the day... depth of field is perfect

Foot in Mouth

Daddy caught red-handed (or is it red-footed?) trying to eat Jayden's foot!

I believe culture and traditions are very important to any child’s upbringing. I will be instilling my family’s beliefs, morals and traditions to Jayden as he grows up so he can understand (as much as possible) our ways. In a way, it teaches them respect and I think it’s important for our kids to realise that all these little things help form our characters and make us individuals. One day he’ll be forging his own traditions and values for his kids too!

Every culture has its own sets of milestones which mark a special occasion in a child’s life.

I’d love to hear about what celebrations you’ve had with your little one too! Please share them below πŸ™‚


debut dad


35 thoughts on “Party = nom nom nom cake

  1. In my culture we celebrate the ‘quccija’ on the baby’s first birthday. Basically a table is laid with items representing a person’s possible vocation in life – a cross represents priesthood, a credit card represents a career in banking, a needle represents a sewing career etc. Then the baby chooses an item, and that is supposed to tell what the baby’s future career will be. Not always accurate, but fun πŸ™‚

  2. Those photos are amazing. Love the cake.
    My little boy joined in the family Christmas celebrations and even unwrapped his presents with alot of help from Mum and Dad. We have a photo of him looking really unimpressed at recieving a box of nappies.
    Next big celebration for him is Easter and he already has his first gift.

    • How old is your little boy? Christmas must be the most anticipated event for our children… gifts gifts and more gifts! (even if they are just a box of nappies :P)

      • My boy turned 17 weeks on Monday. The next celebration is his naming day/christening we weren’t going to do anything but have had a few enquiries to when it’s happening.

      • Well if you aren’t too tired, I reckon it’d be a great time to get family and friends together for a small gathering. It’s always good to eat together and everyone can cook a dish and bring it over to help out. Just a thought πŸ™‚

  3. We’ve attended a few ‘first month celebrations’ (do they have a proper name?) and I love the idea…

    While I never had the chance to be ‘confined’ (my first babies were twins who were in hospital till they were ten weeks old and after that there is no staying home when there is kinder and school to deal with! LOL) I love the idea of everyone coming together to celebrate the birth of the baby… just lovely.

    In our family we’ve chosen to make a big deal over the first birthday. It’s a time to celebrate and thank everyone for all their help during the first year of the babies life. We try to do something special and no focus too much on gifts. For our middle boy we had everyone bring a tree to plant on our property….

    • I just searched this on Wikipedia and here’s what it says:
      When a child has survived one month of life (29 days if lunar month reckoning) a “muen yuet” (Chinese: 滿月) celebration can be observed in which duck or chicken eggs dyed red are distributed to guests to signify fertility.
      So there you go πŸ˜› hehe
      I like that tree idea you mentioned, bringing family together is vital… I might have to run that idea past my wife to see if we can do that for his 1st birthday perhaps πŸ™‚

  4. Hey Debut Dad – thanks for sharing this awesome celebration! Hope you will be hosting Jayden’s First Birthday at TheMamaClub! Looking forward to meeting you all one day soon. Congratulations on a wonderful celebration x

    • I would have to agree, I’m obsessed too… cutest part of his tiny little body. Love it when his toes curl and stretch out. Thanks for the comment and the follow!

  5. What an awesome cake! I love the idea of celebrating after the 1st month. We do a big deal on the 1st birthday. All of our family and close friends gather and enjoy a meal, cake, and put items into a time capsule to be opened by the child when they are grown. Our youngest will be 1 in May and while the others were special, this celebration will be extra special – after an uneventful, healthy pregnancy we had a very scary and traumatic labor ending with a c-section and a week in the NICU. He is perfectly healthy now and we are so thankful!

    P.S. I found your blog via the Grovia facebook page. Love what I’ve read so far! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Kassy! I’m so glad to hear everything is okay now with your youngest one. Time for a big celebration! πŸ™‚
      Oh wow… I’m so surprised I was linked to their facebook page! It’s good to have more readers though and I’m glad you’re enjoying it because I really enjoy sharing my stories. Feel free to subscribe to my blog too πŸ˜›

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