Daddy has PMS

Yes, it’s official… Daddy has PMS!

PMS is a condition probably affecting millions of parents around the world (that’s right both mummy and daddy). There is no cure and we must all learn to live with this syndrome.

I first noticed it a few days after becoming a father. The feeling comes and goes and it amplifies to different levels depending on the day. Recently it’s been getting stronger and I absolutely hate it as this terrible feeling I am experiencing in my gut, at the very bottom of my stomach, right there in the pit makes me feel ever so sad and mopey. It’s downright depressing. I’ve told my wife about this strange feeling and she feels it too!  It’s not just me!

So there you go, both my wife and I get this feeling and it sucks. So with my huge sample space of just 2 people, I have officially discovered a new condition. I’ve called it Paranoid Mopey Syndrome (PMS) 😛

I know what you must be asking yourself right now… “OMG, do I have PMS?”

Well find out if you do by answering these simple questions:

  1. Do you ever imagine the shock and horror of bumping your dearly beloved baby’s head accidently onto a door frame as you walk through?
  2. Do you ever imagine the heartache you would feel if you were to ever drop your baby accidently?
  3. Does your heart just sink thinking about it?
  4. By simply just reading this and thinking about it, does it just make your gut twist and feel horrible inside?

If you answered YES to any or all of the above, then in my professional blogger opinion, you have PMS!

All jokes aside now, I have been getting random bursts of Parental Paranoia. I keep thinking about how I might accidently drop my son or accidently bump into something whilst I am carrying him and walking around the home. The feeling I get inside of me is utter despair… I can’t imagine hurting my little man and causing any pain to him. The thought of it just makes my gut turn 😦 I don’t know why I am so paranoid. My wife seems a little paranoid too. She explained to me that she sometimes randomly just thinks about that too… it’s weird. Parenthood is changing me in ways that I could not imagine.

The other day, Jayden was cheeky enough to give me THE BIRD! I’m thinking it’s because he sensed that I was always thinking so negatively and he just wanted me to stop being so dam paranoid! It certainly surprised me and brought a smile to my face… I laughed and it was the pick me up that I needed to help me get over a really tough few days at the office and the constant onslaught of PMS! 🙂

Jayden Bird Finger

Jayden showing off his new found finger dexterity 😛

Thanks for reading.

Until the next adventure…

debut dad

P.S. I love comments, so please leave a comment – I always reply! You’ve got this far already 🙂


27 thoughts on “Daddy has PMS

  1. You’re too funny! at first I was like, wait, what? Is he menstruating because that would be way too weird, lol.

    I experienced this exact same problem.I even caught myself crying over it once! It will pass, do not worry!

    • haha that’s the sort of silly thing I would do as well… but my left hand was holding him and my right hand was taking the photo. So yeh he just surprised me 😛 Take that dad!

  2. That is an awesome picture. His facial expression almost makes you think he knows what he’s doing, which would only up the awesomeness.

    I have done #1 and my wife did #2. We both felt #3. It happens. You’ll have a lot more symptoms to list once he starts walking.

    • Thanks 🙂 he is an awesome kid, couldn’t agree with you more! Hehe
      OMG, he’s going to start walking??? That’s going to take my PMS to a whole new level!

  3. I became more worried about keeping myself healthy after my daughter was born. Thoughts of skydiving turned from something I’d like to try to something I’ll probably never do. I never felt I needed to be there more.

    • Hmmm actually I haven’t had this feeling (yet). You’d think my paranoia would take my thoughts in that direction, but no, not even once.
      It always seems to stem from when I’m about to pick him up to take him to the change table or cot or something.
      Maybe if I was about to participate in (insert extreme sport here)/skydiving I would get that feeling. Time will tell.

  4. Sounds like a modified and extended variation of the Baby Blues. You have so much more to be responsible for now so you have a lot to worry about. I love the photo too!

  5. I too had PMS until I did bump my babies head on the door frame and I did watch him slide off the the bed onto his bum. Instant cure for PMS (aside from the quick blast of adrenaline), the knowledge that they survive and have no lasting brain damage 🙂 Baby’s are born tough – they have to survive their parents!

  6. Oh you are so not alone. I used to dread the transfer from the car seat to the Baby Bjorn for fear I’d drop him on the pavement. It has passed since we entered the “bang my head on things to see how it sounds/feels”.
    But you will always have random spurts of paranoia it just means the transformation into parent is complete. Welcome to the club! ( I think you get a free toaster over or something ;))

  7. As the mother of 4 boys we’ve had our share of accidents.Thankfully they are very tough! It still hurts your heart though every time! #2 had 5 stitches in his tongue when he was 2 years old …. you really shouldn’t run in the house especially with your tongue sticking out. #3 is 2 years old now and has cracked a tooth and had a black eye in the last month. #1 & #4 haven’t had any big accidents on their own and thankfully only the occasionaly head bump on the door frame while being carried by mom & dad…. I am just thankful we haven’t had any broken bones!

    • 4 boys? wow, that must be a handful… here I am sweating with just one… and he can’t even crawl or speak yet 😛 I take my hat off to you!
      That’s a lot of accidents. My fingers are crossed in hope that there are no broken bones coming for either of our families!

  8. I think I get ‘pms’ too! haha….I do quite regularly freak out about dropping little Evan or hurting him too. It must be parental hormones kicking in!
    Love the pic btw.

  9. This was too good! When my wife and I had our first son, I remember coming home and my wife banged my son’s head against the doorway. Of course it was accidental. She cried out in horror…to say the least – but life moved on and my son is a happy vibrant young man! NO harm done!

    • I think once you’ve had that first initial bump… PMS slowly goes away 🙂 No harm done right? so we realize that our little soldiers are built tough from that moment on! woohoo!

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