TWITTER must stand for…

Twitter Bird Try



That’s gotta be it right? The thing is, I’ve tried to write in this tiny empty row for a while now… having only 140 characters makes it a tough ask. As it stands I struggle to keep my posts below 140 words!

I normally like expressing myself through long colourful descriptions and phrases… my writing style is very anti-Twitter. Looks like I’ll need to adapt. For now, I’ll just try and share this post via Twitter and just take it from there.

Anyway, obviously I have just joined Twitter (@debutdad) and thought I would take the time now to let everyone know that I really appreciate all the likes, comments and follows on my blog thus far.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

It’s great to know that there are some people out there on the interwebs that enjoy reading what I have to share. (Twitter should make it easier for others to follow too right?)

Now how bout a hug? 🙂

How bout a hug?


debut dad


6 thoughts on “TWITTER must stand for…

  1. I have yet to make the leap into the Twitter-sphere. Like you, the idea of 140 character communication is not my favorite.

  2. Hi Debut Dad,
    Thanks for stopping by! Both your darling little one, and this Twitter post are great. I’m heavy on description, too, which is why I think I enjoy Twitter is so much — because it doesn’t feel like me.

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