Quasimodo daddy

We decided to go to a local farmers/food market early this morning to buy some local produce instead of always doing our groceries at the supermarket. It was a beautiful Sydney day and it was a good opportunity to take Jayden for another little adventure.

CLEVER IDEA OF THE DAY # 1: I put on a pair of jeans and a casual shirt as I thought it may still be a bit cool being so early in the morning… well I thought WRONG.

Once we arrived, the heat came on pretty quickly. I was starting to regret my choice of clothing this morning and combined with the fact that I was carrying Jayden in a BabyBjorn meant that my back and chest were feeling extra hot. Poor Jayden’s face was red from both the heat of the sun and my chest. To make matters worse, I decided in my infinite wisdom to wear a shirt (wardrobe FAIL!). The buttons running down the middle of my shirt must have made it extra uncomfortable for my little boy… I’m such a rookie dad, an absolute novice… I had imprinted (or maybe I should say branded as it was quite hot) the shape of one of my buttons onto the middle of his forehead! Poor kid 😦

As soon as I noticed this I felt ever so bad! What should I do? I should do what every good father would do… FIX IT! Make it comfortable for your child!

I decided to ensure his forehead didn’t rest against my chest (therefore my row of bulging buttons). But how would I do this? It’s a BabyBjorn, that’s how they’re designed for newborns!

CLEVER IDEA OF THE DAY # 2: Oh I know, I will lean forward a bit so that his head will fall back into the BabyBjorn head support and that way my blasted buttons wouldn’t hurt him! What a great solution to the problem! I’m awesome! Well… temporarily awesome… Why? Because leaning forward was okay when I was standing still, a little awkward, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. Walking whilst leaning forward with a baby strapped to your chest is not exactly something I have ever done. It’s incredibly hard and it’s uncomfortable… I was dripping with sweat and my back was killing me! It didn’t stop me though, I was determined to keep Jayden as comfortable as I could despite what harm it was doing to me. I must have looked so strange. Passers by must have thought I was either really weird or a sweaty hunchback or both. I would have deservedly been crowned the King of Fools!

Lucky for me we had bought most of the fruit and veg and we were leaving soon. We were actually having a great time at the markets up until I noticed Jayden’s indented forehead. Here are some of the snaps from the morning before I became Quasimodo daddy 🙂

Debut Dad
Posing for a photo in front of The Little Burrow before I transformed into Quasimodo daddy.

farmers marketHow did Jayden’s toes sneak into that shot?

The Little BurrowThe Little Burrow’s yummy cookies & museli… “eat me”?… gladly 🙂

OBVIOUS TIP OF THE DAY: If you’re using a BabyBjorn or any other baby carrier, do yourself, your back and your dignity a favour and do not wear anything with buttons. A t-shirt would’ve been great! In short, dress appropriately!

Have you ever had any clever parenting ideas go terribly wrong? I’d love to hear about them if you don’t mind sharing them with me to make me feel a little less foolish 🙂

debut dad


18 thoughts on “Quasimodo daddy

    • Thanks for commenting David. I’m actually surprised I remember a little hat… and I guess I can be thankful that he didn’t get burnt too… a red forehead was already enough!

  1. Hilarious! My blunders are more along the lines of forgetting essential items when I go out… like baby wipes, formula when I started mix feeding, nappies the other day – and she is 13 months old!

    • I bet I’ll still forget all those things you listed at some point in time 😛 These are all minor as you can buy these supplies when you’re out and about… I think you’ve done very well Becci! 🙂

  2. When our older boy was an infant/wobbler we would spend roughly 30-45 minutes getting everything ready for any contingency while we were out. It made us late for just about everything. We would even bring 2 types of carriers and a stroller to leave in the car just in case. Now we are almost the opposite. We pack less knowing that we’ll find some ingenuousness way of making due if we need something that we did not pack. Final note; we used the BabyBjorn carrier for all of 2 months. we ended up loving a carrier that my wife’s parents brought from China better. I think it was because the fabric was softer.

    • Thanks for commenting. I’m a planner… so I guess I’m surprised I didn’t have more contingencies in place. I had to resort to techniques which MacGyver would have been proud of (hmmm there’s an idea for a post).
      The BabyBjorn does have this mesh fabric which doesn’t seem too nice on the skin, but until I find a better solution, it’ll have to do I guess.

  3. How I miss being able to wear my little one but he packed on the pounds quickly and has since out grown it. I still have so many good memories with it and it sounds like you made one too.
    What I learned was to always bring a hat for them, after wearing him to a baseball game and not managing to get seats in the shade. oh and an extra shirt for myself in the diaper bag. You’ll see! 😉

    • Oh no, did your little one get sunburnt? I grabbed Jayden’s hat just as we ran out of the door, it was a last-minute decision, lucky I did!
      Extra shirt in the diaper bag, I will go pack one now… I’ll thank you later I’m sure 🙂

  4. Like R.T. Creager I used to pack everything but the kitchen sink even to walk down the street to the playground. That meant that I had way too much stuff crammed in the diaper bag, I could barely walk, and I could never find what I actually needed. Now that we have two kids, I have to be much pickier about what I pack, and I’ve gotten a little better about just bringing the essentials.

    • Hehe. Sounds a lot like what I do when I go on a holiday for a week… I seem to ALWAYS over pack my luggage… I seem to cater for all 4 seasons… you never know 😛
      I’ve gotten better though over the years by having to pack for business trips all the time. It has taught me to travel lightly and just pack items which can be worn in multiple conditions.
      I guess I need to adopt this philosophy now with the diaper bag!

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