Everybody loves me.

Everybody loves me

Jayden totally rocking his new outfit... he wears it with such confidence

Jayden turned 1 month young yesterday. Happy 1 month my son!

Grandma bought him a nice little outfit which as you can see is perfect for him 🙂

My dearest wife actually took this sweet photo this morning, she’s not normally very savvy behind a digital camera, but give anyone an iPhone camera these days and they seem to instantly acquire a double degree in Fine Arts and Photography (Hehe… I love you babe!). I should give Jayden my iPhone camera and see what weird and wonderful photos he ends up capturing, I’m pretty sure it will be interesting… hmmm said this as a joke but the more I think about it, the more I think it might be a good-wacky idea! Experiment perhaps?

I really like this photo of Jayden because he is looking directly into the camera and he just looks so cool, calm and collected.

He’s probably thinking, “why would they make me wear something so silly & obvious?”, “Everybody loves me. Of course they do… they’re only human!”  😛

I just know he will grow up to be a real smarty pants!


debut dad


14 thoughts on “Everybody loves me.

  1. What a handsome little dude! We gave Walter a camera and the picture he chooses to take are quite entertaining. Your results may vary and put a drool guard on the phone before handing it over!

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