Everybody Loves Raymond, but what about the in-laws?

Yes, it’s true… that’s pretty much me, bent over the putter trying to make my birdie putt whilst trying to also block out the distractions around me… especially my in-laws!
I love golf… well at least I used to… haven’t played in a while now. I’m obviously struggling to find the time, but I am determined to make time for it soon.

Back to the in-laws though… I know I’ve spoken about them in a previous post before, but I feel they deserve a special post just “dedicated” to them.

I loved watching Everybody Loves Raymond… every episode managed to make me laugh. I used to feel sorry for the guy sometimes though as he managed to get himself into some pretty horrible and awkward positions where he has to choose the side of his wife or his parents… how time’s have changed… Now I’m pretty much living Ray Romano’s life at the moment… here are the parallels I can draw:

  • Ray’s a writer and I am too (well I write this blog now… haha)
  • Ray absolutely loves sports, and so do I.
  • My parents (in-laws in my case) almost live across the road from me. They are 5 minutes walk away, so that’s close enough!
  • They love to pop by unannounced both via the front door and the back door.
  • They love to cook all sorts of meals for us which are supposedly healthier and better for us than what we normally would eat.
  • They can’t resist any opportunity to give their opinion on how we can or should be doing things around the house like laundry or the dishes.
  • They love giving advice on how to “parent” because they happen to drop by just as the baby is crying incessantly so they think we must be doing something wrong.

It frustrates me a lot of the time, but at the end of the day, I know they mean well. The truth of the matter is, it’s a blessing that they are around because for my wife and I, having the new responsibility of a baby without any help whatsoever would have been hell. So with the good also comes a bit of bad. You just need to learn to tolerate their quirky in-law behaviour because no matter how annoying it can be at times, if we had another baby, we could definitely use their help again.

Oh and they don’t know how to use the internet, so I think I’m safe!
debut dad


6 thoughts on “Everybody Loves Raymond, but what about the in-laws?

  1. Hi Debut Dad, really enjoyed your blog and thanks for visiting mine! Not easy is it but plenty entertaining being a parent! I’m gonna follow on Twitter and I’m elitheartist there. Ciao for now. Eli

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