Parenting as an Olympic sport

I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of triumphant moments where we as parents achieve some of the most incredible feats (often very late in the night or early in the morning) and let’s be honest, we all deserve a gold medal for our achievements in the sport that is “parenting”.

Athletes have a very dynamic set of attributes and skills. Depending on the sport, they have heightened balance, increased speed, greater strength, and/or enhanced mental prowess. In one way or another, we have these attributes too 🙂 For example, the other night I had to hold a crying fidgeting baby in one arm and navigate from the nursery to the kitchen in the dark avoiding and hurdling obstacles like laundry baskets left in the hallway and chairs left out from earlier in the day. Then I had to find the expressed milk in the fridge and put that into a sterilized bottle with one hand and get the hot water and warm up the bottle of expressed milk to feed the hungry little monkey as quickly as possible so he would stop his incessant crying. I’m sure every parent has experienced something very close to this example.

When I completed the late night feed and Jayden was drunk on milk, burped, and nappy changed, he settled quickly and I put him back into the baby hammock (although I’m thinking it’s time for him to move to his cot now before he gets too used to the hammock feel), I felt like a champion! *cue music – We are the Champions by Queen* Haha… it’s true… sometimes it feels like a Decathlon. Sometimes it’s a marathon night of settling, sometimes it’s a sprint to the toilet, whatever it may be, I say turn it into a sport to make it more enjoyable 😛

As Jayden grows up it’ll probably get even harder as I’m sure he’ll be leaving his toys everywhere especially the Lego bricks! Step on one of those barefoot… remember that feeling? OUCH!



4 thoughts on “Parenting as an Olympic sport

    • Thanks for the comment.
      Hmmm you’ve got me thinking a bit more now about a good name and I think given the diversity in parenting, we probably need to break it down into multiple disciplines like they do in gymnastics (rhythmic, artistic & trampoline) or in kayaking/canoeing (sprint & slalom) or even volleyball (beach & indoor)… So maybe Indoor Parenting? :p (it’s not exactly beach weather ATM in Sydney!)

  1. Parenting totally deserves inclusion as an Olympic sport…the only problem is that it would be the only one where the rules keep changing constantly…. Just when you think you’ve got it all sussed the goalposts move completely…lol…. Still, I wouldn’t trade morning cuddles with my bubster for an Olympic gold 🙂

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