My chubby little buddha & confinement

So we took Jayden out to see our GP to check on his jaundice and to see if he was gaining weight and the good news is, he’s a healthy 3.99kg (gained approx 300g since leaving the hospital) and his jaundice has pretty much been flushed away 🙂

I was a little worried (hey I’m allowed to be!) so it was good to get those reassuring words from our GP, “everything is fine, he’s a healthy baby”. *Internal fist pump moment… yesss!*

This was actually our first venture out of the house since coming back from the hospital and we were all a bit excited as we have been confined to the house for the past 2 weeks (yes… confinement for 30 days… meh). This was a pretty big deal!
For those who haven’t heard of this, it’s a Chinese tradition which supposedly helps the mother recuperate from the pains and stresses of childbirth. It is partnered with eating all sorts of strange foods like pigs trotters and 123 different varieties of soup (ok that may have been an exaggeration, but there has been A LOT of soup and it is summer after all, not exactly the best weather for soup).
Wikipedia though has this to say: In some East Asian cultures, such as Chinese and Vietnamese, there is a traditional custom of postpartum confinement known in English as doing the month or sitting the month (Mandarin zuò yuèzi 坐月子). Confinement traditionally lasts 30 days.  Likewise, women in Japan frequently practice ansei, or peace and quiet, for a period of time after giving birth for the purpose of recuperating. This tradition combines prescribed foods with a number of restrictions on activities considered to be harmful. It is widely believed in many East Asian societies that this custom helps heal injuries to the perineum, promote the contraction of the uterus, and promote lactation.

Anyway, we were granted special dispensation by my mother-in-law to leave “confinement” to see the doctor (thank you!). Whilst we were in the waiting area of the GP, Jayden sat quietly in his capsule making a variety of different faces to keep me entertained I guess whilst we waited. I think he was just pretty excited to be out of the house like I was!
So I snapped this shot of him smiling and raising his right hand like the massive buddha found on Lan Tau Island in Hong Kong. I think there is a striking resemblance, but some friends of mine think he just wants to hi-five me 😛

What do you think?

Buddha Jayden

same same but different?


5 thoughts on “My chubby little buddha & confinement

  1. That picture is too funny! My babies were born in Japan where 100 days of confinement are customary. Our irresponsible ways (of taking babies out) drew many an evil eye from the Grandmothers in our neighborhood.

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