Hospital life

The 96 hours spent in hospital was the longest I have ever spent in a hospital in my lifetime thus far.

First Bath

Jayden's first bath

I quickly noticed that life in hospital is very clinical, very vanilla, and so somewhat very boring. There’s really not that much to do but sleep, eat, watch some TV (at an inaudible volume), have a few visitors, and attend a few post-natal classes. I still found myself comparing it to a hotel though for some reason… saying things like, “when do we check-out?” and “do you want me to get room service?”

What I can truly appreciate though is all the help given by the hospital staff, midwives and doctors. Without them, I would have been a lot more worried about every little thing about my new baby boy. Endless questions to mid-wives which they would have heard a hundred times before are answered with no hint of a condescending or frustrating nature.

Spending the first few days together as a family was really beneficial as well. We decided to pay a little more for a corner suite which meant that I could stay overnight. Good thing I did as the initial few feeds required an extra set of hands. My wife was very glad I was around.

Sometimes the best thing we can do is just be there.

We were both anxious to go home though and take Jayden out on his first trip in the family car and into our home.


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